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Riff Raff 7/8/2021 @ Win-River

My third visit to Win-River for the tribute band series they've been doing.


Wow. A true rock concert experience with an accurate sounding, energetic, fun, rocking tribute to AC/DC! I can't wait to see them again somewhere, sometime.

I had so much fun. I don't even know if I can find the words for how good it felt to finally have a music experience like this since concerts started making a comeback this year. I've finally had my itch scratched!

The singer was on point with his vocals for both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson songs. I was especially impressed with his accurate version of "Ride On". His banter with the crowd was good natured fun that I enjoyed.

The drummer pounded a signature AC/DC beat the whole night with the power and consistency that AC/DC is famous for. No drum solo, no crazy stick-spinning, drum-tilting showmanship; just a true AC/DC drumming experience.

The rhythm guitarist was a spot-on version of Malcom and his riffs were tight and they forced your legs to move along in time. Loved it! Solid!

Similarly, the bass player was a true pro. His stage presence was a towering thumping bassline that took no prisoners. His stage presence, and ability to dodge the antics of their lead guitarist is worth noting.

That brings us to the lead guitarist. The Angus. The rocker. The showman. The devilish man-child who's having the most fun and is inviting you along for some good trouble. Visually, this is where you get the AC/DC experience. Long-time fans will have seen the accuracy of all the other members, but for the average person who just knows what they've seen on MTV, this is the guy who's bringing you the experience you expected and wanted to see. The energy is only paralleled by Angus himself. The flying sweat and spit, the horns and the turned lip. It's all there.

What else can I say? Go see 'em for yourself! Their website is at: Home | riffraff ( and their Facebook page is at: RIFF/RAFF - A High Voltage Tribute to AC/DC (Sacramento, CA) | Facebook

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