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Mosquito Serenade 6-9-2021 - Double Shot and Hill Street Band

This was the opening week for the summer series at Anderson River Park and the weather couldn't have been better. Cool, some clouds and even just the lightest sprinkle at one point for a few minutes. Just enough to put a nice double rainbow over the event. Perfect.

We didn't make it early enough to see all of Double Shot's performance, but I think they were doing a good job setting the atmosphere for the opening event. Not a young energetic pump-you-up vibe, but an outdoorsy, country-ish, good-times, glad to be together have a picnic and listen to music vibe. I really can't comment beyond that, but I'll catch them again another time I'm sure.

Hill Street Band brought the strong sounds of a good time. Covers were familiar and came across with good energy. They're a popular act in Redding and it's easy to see why. The band members are very, very, good in their positions and I'd put them up against any mainstream artists in terms of professional musicianship. I particularly enjoyed the drummer and the guitar player in that respect.

Can't wait to see them again, they're high on my list of local favorites so far.

You can find them on Facebook at: Hill Street Band | Facebook and their website at:


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