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Mosquito Serenade 6-16-2021 - Ashley Black and Jinx

Week 2 of the Mosquito Serenade did not disappoint. The weather was certainly warmer but I don't think the crowd was any smaller.

This week we were there early enough to see all of Ashley Black's performance and it was wonderful. What a talent! Her songs reflect her faith and send a positive, likeable vibe out from the stage that can't be resisted. She draws you in and you listen closely.

I'll absolutely see her again and soak in the goodness.

Jinx was interesting and fun. A cover band playing songs you know, but not necessarily the ones you'd expect. Not many cover bands can pull off "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Young Lust/Dirty Woman" by Pink Floyd with all the little nuances that exist in those songs outside of the choruses.

Coming back around to Billy Idol, Joan Jett and the more traditional cover songs, they make a well rounded event. I'll catch them again for sure.

You can find Ashley Black on Facebook at: Ashley Black Music | Facebook

You can find Jinx on Facebook at: Jinx | Facebook and their website at:

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