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Lance Michael Cornwell Band - 7/15/2021 @ Overtime Lounge (Win-River)

Following a show in the main event center at Win-River, I scooted over to the Overtime Lounge to see Lance Michael Cornwell Band play a set. I've met Lance once very briefly and I've really been looking forward to hearing his band. So glad to have this chance.

As I stroll in, the bar is beginning to add more people who are making their way in, like myself, from the other event. People are dancing and the music is filling the room very fully.

I find a seat and sit backwards at the bar as I watch. First thing I notice is the guitar player, Joe Vanderpool. What a cool dude. His playing is so natural, so second nature. He's not even thinking about his instrument. It's a part of him. His hands know what to do on their own. He walks out through the dancing crowd and his playing continues to be effortless.

Next is the bass player, Bill Mangan. Wait! Is that a bass? Wow, that thing is huge, it looks like something from another part of the world, middle east? How many strings are on that thing?? He's grooving and relaxed. Very similar to the guitar player in that respect. Very natural, organic, laid back vibes. Tall and cool.

The drummer, Donnie Tyner is kinda packed into a tight corner at the back because the "stage" is very small. He's so packed in that I imagine the band will have to disassemble his kit to let him out later.

Lance completes the laid back vibe with a beer in one hand as he sings and encourages the crowd to come up front and dance. He knows the people by name. He's comfortable and the patrons are too.

The video I took is a song called "Fast As You" by Dwight Yoakam and the sound is good enough that YouTube gave me a copyright warning upon uploading. That kinda sums up what I saw and heard.

Even an 80's metal-head like me knows the songs he's playing. I recognize Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Jason Aldean in the set. Live music is good music, and genres kinda go away when it's good. Certainly the case here. The music has kick and my foot is tapping along.

Here's the thing though: The sound quality is outstanding. Seriously. The mix of instruments and vocals has punch without being overbearing. It has clarity despite volume. I'm a bit amazed that I'm sitting in a local bar hearing this quality.

Lance's voice is strong and has good timber- ideal for the genre of a country/rock band. The drummer sings backup and is great- I'm always amazed at drummers who can sing while playing.

I knew going into the bar that Lance has a strong following in the region and it's easy to see why. I will go see him again, I know it.

You can find the band on Facebook (almost 3,800 followers as of this writing) at: Lance Michael Cornwell Band | Facebook and on Instagram at @lancemichaelcornwellband.

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