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JustMakeMeCry 6-4-2021 @ Fratelli's Pizza

When you find JustMakeMeCry on Facebook, you will find the tagline: "We can't write pretty sounding music without being brutally honest with ourselves."

Dairrien Call lays it all out there in his original songs hitting on deep and personal subjects, and yet somehow there's a sense of humor in it all. A likeable guy for sure and it shows up in his performance.

At Fratelli's the performance we saw was enjoyable. Without a full band, he's able to make an experience that's worth the listen. He clearly takes his art seriously. And it is as much art as it is music in some ways. He's not afraid to be a bit different - to be himself and perform true to that. That's a good quality I think. He's clearly building his brand and setting himself apart.

I'd might have liked to hear a few more covers mixed in with his original works, and I think he may do that at some performances which would be great. That may just be me, I'm not sure. I think, though, playing in a local restaurant, people desire a dose of those familiar songs. Being unfamiliar with his personal works left me a bit unsure as I listened. That's my observation. Don't get me wrong, everyone stayed and clapped for every song but the experience, for me, was not a shared one in as much as just simply observed. I saw it, I liked it, but yet I wasn't along for the ride so to speak.

All that to say, I like him and I'll see him again. I think he'll continue to grow on me the more I see him.

Find him on Facebook at: JustMakeMeCry | Facebook

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