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Journey's Edge @ Mosquito Serenade 8/11/2021

Journey's Edge (The Ultimate Journey Tribute) is RON - Lead Vocals, RYAN – Guitar, Backing Vocals, JOHN – Keyboards, Backing Vocals, DAVID - Bass Guitar, and STEVE – Drums, Backing Vocals.

The Mosquito Serenade has really had an excellent year, as far as I can tell, and tonight's music continues that success. Having played here before, Journey's Edge drew a pretty large crowd and put on a show everyone enjoyed.

My first music purchase was 3 cassette tapes from a K-Mart in Medford, Oregon. Those tapes were Air Supply - The One That You Love, Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever and Journey - Escape.

All 3 got heavy play time during my 8th grade to high school summer and now that I'm in my 50's, Journey continues to consistently make my playlists. I know and love these songs.

When I saw Journey in concert, it was well after the departure of the great Steve Perry, but growing up with MTV and now; YouTube- I have a pretty good sense about what he's like in concert and I think Ron does a great job with taking on that duty.

He has a way, a mannerism, a style... something that may be undefinable, but very recognizable as Steve Perry in my eyes. I really enjoyed his vocal presentations of the songs they played tonight.

Kudos to Ryan and Jon for taking on the equally iconic (in my eyes) Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain respectively. No small order in my mind.

I suspect the drummer, Steve and the bass player, David- don't often get the attention they deserve simply because their more famous counterparts have been overshadowed by the other 3 members' name recognition. Don't be too quick to forget about them though. The driving force behind the music was in a nice low gear and plowing the way for the others to ride that sonic wave.

This is a very good band in its own right.

I enjoyed this show a lot. Sure it's easy when you love the music, but I'd like to think I make an effort to pick up on the small things keeping in mind that I may write a review like this and I can say this was the whole package. I'll gladly be looking to see them again some time sooner than later.

Find Journey's Edge at their website: and on Facebook at:

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