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Invincible @ Win-River 7/29/2021

Invincible. What an appropriate band name, asides from the song reference of Pat Benatar whom they pay tribute to in their shows.

There were a fair number of music choices in Redding this night and people were spread all over the city. It was reflected in the crowd size at Win-River.

When you're Invincible, that doesn't bring you down. By the end of night the fans who were there were dancing, singing along, screaming and taking selfies at the stage like any other show I've seen there. Because it was good.

I like Pat Benatar, even though I'm not a super-fan, I know how tough, professional, fun, personable, relatable and I'll add sexy- she is. All of that was on display at Win-River.

The band mentioned that they are not trying 'to be" Pat Benatar, they're just bringing her music to the masses. I think that's a healthy perspective, however, I'd say they do a pretty good rendition. There were times you could believe it was the "real" band.

These guys (& gal) ARE a real band. They're having a good time and the musicianship is excellent. This, as I've said before, continues to be the case with the tribute bands passing through Win-River this year.

Teri Alison (Vocals) is a strong singer and a wonderful, fun personality. She was very gracious after the show hanging out with fans and chatting for quite some time.

Thomas Murphy (Lead Guitar) could be Neil Giraldo in disguise. The look, the style, the sound... hmmmm. Well done, sir!

Steve Quartarola (Drums) POUNDED the kit! His hard rock/metal background comes through with drumming that rattles your insides. One of the best things about live music is that feeling.

John Balestrini (Bass Guitar) is so solid and smooth. He's also having fun on stage which is always a pleasure to see.

Philip Wright (Rhythm Guitar & Keyboard) is someone you can tell has had music in his life since day 1. Professional and skilled, he effortlessly moved between his instruments. I can feel an 80's vibe coming through and I like that!

You can Invincible on Facebook at: Invincible | Facebook and at their website: Invincible (

I recommend seeing them and I'll be keeping my eye out for them too. Hoping the small crowd on this particular night doesn't discourage them from returning to Redding some day!

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