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Hot For Teacher 6/24/2021 @ Win-River

My 2nd trip back to Win-River for their ongoing series of tribute bands and this one did not disappoint!

Hot For Teacher was a lot of fun and the music was an excellent tribute to Van Halen, especially the David Lee Roth fronted songs. The singer is able to aptly portray all the ego and cheesiness of DLR topped with some very on point vocals, clever costume changes and iconic moves from the MTV era.

The guitar player, although not a look-a-like to Eddie, was equally as skilled. I did feel like the volume of his guitar was being drowned out by the rest of band, but his skill was on full display. His smile was very much Eddie though- he smiled the entire time and was having a good time.

The drummer has a nice kit very reminiscent of Alex's setup and his play was on par as well. I enjoyed watching him and he's a definite pro in his position.

Last, but not least, the base player rounds out the group with quality playing. I thought he took a bit to warm up to the crowd, but once he did, he was having a good time as well. He did double-duty running there pre-recorded keyboard pieces on many songs as well as back-up vocals. I get the sense watching him, he's a big part of making sure their setup and audio is on point throughout the show.

There were many times I purposely closed my eyes to just listen and I feel like they pulled off a sound the passed for Van Halen with David Lee Roth. On the Sammy Hagar fronted tunes, the singer definitely presented a style and sound that matched the Red Rocker, but I feel like his DLR was a better "imitation".

In the end, I highly recommend them. A good time and good music you know and love. It's clear they're pros at what they do.


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