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Heartless @ Win-River 7/17/2021

Heartless, the next tribute band to hit Win-River was on par with the previous quality acts that have made the series such a success in my eyes (and ears)!

The band opened big with the song "Heartless" and we had liftoff to what promised to be an exciting and interesting show. I've never seen Heart in concert, so this was going to be something cool to see. I am a fan of Heart, but I wouldn't consider myself one of their most loyal fans, at least not until they hit my radar with their self-titled 1985 album. I was aware of songs like "Barracuda", "Even It Up" and even "Heartless", but that album (cassette, really) was on regular play in my car heading to school many mornings my junior year. Since then, my knowledge and appreciation for their work has certainly grown into the respect they absolutely deserve.

When the band played a deep cut from the album "Dreamboat Annie" it was a song I wasn't familiar with, however, I will say that it's pretty cool that they play some of those songs. For the fans who know those albums inside and out, it had to be a nice treat. I think it also shows a true level of genuine affection and knowledge of their counterparts.

Not too far into the show I sensed a couple of minor missteps and I felt like maybe their was a little turbulence in our flight but then I stopped myself and realized; this is live music and it comes with the territory. There are no re-takes or studio edits here. Our heroes are human.

Then the drum solo happened.

I don't know what magic he filled the room with as he roared through his solo, but it worked! There was a noticeable boost in both the band and the crowd from there on out. People were up and dancing, the band seemed tighter, the energy higher and the rock concert we were expecting was happening!

Heartless is made up of six musicians: Linda Boudreau (lead vocals), Gail Eaton (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, vocals), Jim Coyne (guitar) Dan Morais (bass), Brett Minkin (keyboards, vocals), and Eddie Studebaker (drums, vocals).

Linda has Anne's tone for sure and when she's feeling the lyric, especially in the choruses of the biggest hits, and she lets it loose- she can match the intensity, piercing volume and range of Anne Wilson to make you feel like this really is Heart! Plus she just has the best personality, what a truly sweet person. She was very engaging with fans after the show.

The show ended after a selection of songs from Led Zeppelin which was a nice surprise. I know the band Heart has a healthy relationship with those guys and have played their songs as well, most memorably (for me) at their Kennedy Center Honors tribute performance in 2012. Search that up on YouTube, it's worth it.

I heard nothing but praise from the crowd when the show ended, many great comments about the show. There was certainly a nice vibe in the air. A sign of a great show.

I had a great time! I love the music and I'd certainly recommend seeing them. I will see them again when the opportunity arises without doubt.

You can find them on Facebook at: Heartless - A Tribute to the Rock Band Heart | Facebook or on their website: which you should really take a look at if you want to get a sense of what they do. Some good videos there.

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