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Furlough Fridays w/The Elwood Show @ The Park 9/11/2021

Finally got my chance to see Furlough Fridays play live! Following their guest appearance on my podcast, I've really come to enjoy their music and had been looking forward to this for some time. That podcast episode with Furlough Fridays can be heard HERE.

Opening up was "The Elwood Show" from Chico who happen to be friends of Furlough Fridays. This was the surprise of the night for me. I hadn't heard of these guys yet, since my focus on local music centers around Redding. Nathan (guitar) and Adam (drums) are able, with a technology assist, to produce live songs that are full of flavors and immensely creative. Nathan's vocals and guitar style both came as an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The songs were solid and had my head rocking with the flowing sound. I enjoyed their set a lot and have since tracked them down on social media to follow them more. (Facebook link)

Great Job guys! For those interested, check out their music on Reverbnation HERE. I've downloaded all of it and it's going in the truck along with Furlough Fridays!

Now for the main event, Furlough Fridays!

I think the first thing to note is that they met every expectation I had. I've been listening to their music (available at and watching videos since the podcast and they've really grown on me. I usually don't go too far down the "alternative"/"punk" road, but much like bands such as Green Day, the melodies and infectious guitar riffs grab you and bring you in.

The lyrics (by "Minnie Mental"- as she goes by) are interesting and unique. Their appearance is fun and lite. The energy from Adam (guitar) is undeniable. Megan (bass) and JP (drums) lay down a catchy groove behind every tune. It all works well.

Because it's rock-n-roll, Megan's amp burned up during the first set, but JP was able to get her re-plugged and the show went on. Adam's energy caused him to accidently unplug his guitar a couple times, but rather than be a distraction, it all seemed to just be a part of what makes a live rock show so raw, real and above all else- FUN!

They do a great job of playing music with a very apparent "edge" but without coming off as "dangerous".

The audience included people with kids and I don't think anyone was regretting that at all. Maybe that was a conscious decision on their part based on the venue, perhaps they're a bit more bold in a different setting and audience. If that's true, then kudos to them for making a show for all ages. I get the sense they may have a bit of a naughty-side; not vulgarity, but rather a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. I mean, come-on- they're selling hand-made thongs at their merch table! It's a bit like how you can watch a movie by Pixar and pick up on the humor that's meant for adults that goes over the heads of the children in it's subtle way.

What a bizarre analogy. I'm wondering if I should erase that, I wonder if I'm even correct in that assumption. However, I have decided I'll stand by my goofy review. I'm convinced It's what Furlough Fridays would do. Rock & Roll!

If all of this sounds like fun, it is. I readily recommend checking them out.

Check them out with these links:

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