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Foreigner Unauthorized 5-29-2021 @ Win-River

The first live music of 2021 for me. What a relief to hear that live music again.

I saw Foreigner in 2017 at the Toyota Amphitheatre and it is a favorite of mine for sure. One of the best sounding performances I've ever heard- exceptional sound quality along with great songs. Needless to say my hopes were up for a good show.

Foreigner Unauthorized was making their first return to live performances as well, and they sounded good and well practiced. No hiccups in the first show back that I noticed.

The singer worked hard to get the crowd up and coming in closer, but it was a real chore. I think people were content to just sit back and enjoy the music. I didn't feel like people were nervous about COVID as much as it was an older crowd who were content to watch from their chairs. That's not to say that NO ONE got up. A number of people danced on the small dance floor in front of the stage.

Feels Like The First Time:

The music was pretty accurate, (enough for YouTube to find a copyright claim on the song.) I can't say they'd fool anybody into thinking they were the real band, but they were pros and played well. The music was good, I enjoyed the experience and I would see them again. It didn't HAVE to be a perfect replica. That might be an unreasonable assumption when seeing a tribute band. It was a tribute, not an attempt to fool anyone. I think with that perspective, they were a success!


Michael Gaeta (Lead Vocals)

Max De Vivo (Guitar,Vocals)

Rik Willmitch (Guitar, Synth, Sax, vocals) )

Phil Bowman (Bass)

Soren Harvey (Drums)

Lamar Leathers (Keyboards-Vocals)

Their website is at: Foreigner Unauthorized or find them on Facebook at: Foreigner Unauthorized | Facebook

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