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Bartosh @ Sunset River Jam 9/8/2021

Bartosh. The band with the funny name. Truth is, the name is highly interesting and full of local history. I recently interviewed Bartosh for my podcast and got the full low-down, you can listen to that HERE.

If you listen you'll also find out that their song selection of covers is not typical. THAT is exactly what I saw in their live performance.

The audience knows every song, even when they've "Bartosh'd" it with some banjo and their unique style. Tonight was especially unique with the super-talented Tricia Ferguson joining them onstage to add violin and mandolin to their sound. The song selection, all covers, are just a bit off the standard "Bar-Band" radar. Selecting songs that don't always make the rounds in the local music scene is one of their BEST traits and makes them standout from everyone else.

I loved it. Hearing them live, finally- was 50% what I expected and 50% even better than I expected! They make me want to throw a huge party, invite everyone I know and then have them be the band that makes the night one to remember.

Songs include covers of Hank Williams Jr, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, J. Geils Band, Eddie Rabbit and even Bob Marley (great job on that Todd!)

I can't encourage you enough to learn more about this band. Listen to the podcast and catch them live around Redding. They're not a "working band" so-to-speak, but rather, a hobby-band and it's a special treat to catch them playing.

It doesn't hurt that they're a super friendly group of guys that you can't help but like. Their commitment to fundraising for local charities cements their place in my heart as one of the best of Redding.


-Charlie Smith: Lead vox, acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica

-Todd Campbell: Drums, vox

-Shannon Hicks: Keyboards, organ, guitar, and vox

-Larry Ramsey: Banjo, congas, percussion, synth and vox

-Brandon Trent: Bass

-Jim Stauffer: Sound Tech

-Greg Ross: Sound Tech

-Vick Brown: ‘The Gaffer’

You can find them on:

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